Aconcagua Here We Come

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It’s late January and the climbing season on Aconcagua is in full swing. Conditions on the mountains have been more difficult than usual this year so far, with persistently high winds and cold temperatures - down to the mid-forties below with windchill at the summit! Thankfully the recent forecast is looking up as we’re now only a little over a week out from the AWE team’s arrival in Mendoza.

What’s equally exciting is that the calm weather coincides with a new record bid on the mountain: Sonia Procopio has announced her plans to beat the existing women’s speed record on the 360 Route of roughly forty-one hours, established a year ago by our own Sunny Stroeer. If you’re curious, head over to Revista Cumbres to read more about Sonia and her plans which should materialize on Jan 26/27. Good luck Sonia!

Over here at AWE we’re looking forward to a more leisurely climb of the 360 route with plenty of time to acclimatize and enjoy the simplicity of life on the mountain: we’ll hit the trail on February 4 with an ideal summit window two weeks later around February 17-18. Don’t forget to follow AWExpeditions on Instagram and subscribe to get photos and stories from the mountain delivered to your inbox - we’d love to have you along.


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