Update from 4,200m: Plaza Argentina

We’ve made it to basecamp!

Tara, Karin and Kristen on the approach to basecamp; Aconcagua in the back

After three days and 25 miles of walking (with five thousand feet of ascent and two river crossings!) we have arrived in Plaza Argentina.  Compared to the approach camps, Plaza Argentina is palatial: we have our own dinner dome as well as a dormitory tent with bunk beds to sleep in; showers and wifi are available though pricey: $25 for an hour of online access.  Which is just as well, since we’re here to enjoy the mountain and savor that off-grid time. 

Karin and Tara on the way to basecamp

The team is doing very well: aside from the occasional mild headaches and nausea everyone is acclimatizing well, and moving along strong.  We’ve had terrific weather on the way in, though that translated into a few very hot and exposed days down in the valley - hot enough to happily soak in a glacier-fed river near Casa Piedras (the second approach camp).  

Frigid early morning conditions: crossing the very same river that provided a welcome cool-down the prior afternoon

At this point we’re all looking forward to a rest day at Plaza Argentina, and are putting all our effort into being strong and healthy for the upper mountain.  Keep an eye out for updates on the GPS at www.awexpeditions.org/gps to monitor our daily progress and send us messages; aside from that, you likely won’t hear from us again until we descend to basecamp on the other side - which should happen just about two weeks from now, on or near Wednesday February 20. At that point, we’ll be able to share an update on Instagram and will be looking forward to being back in town with proper connectivity around February 22.

Happy trails!

Sunny Stroeer