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A Word on Strategic Footwear Choices

Ever wondered about optimal footwear strategy on the mountain? Keeping your feet safe - meaning: blister-free, warm, and dry - is always a top priority of any mountaineering expedition. Frostbite is a serious concern on high peaks in the Himalayas and the Americas, and just a single bad blister or sprained ankle can easily put an end to your carefully planned (and expensively paid for) big mountain trip.

AWExpeditions founder Sunny Stroeer has been putting different footwear options to the test for years, including extreme scenarios such as taking a beefed-up trail running shoe to the summit of Aconcagua (with some major modifications for added warmth, don’t try this at home!), or going ice climbing in 8000 meter boots.

Stay tuned for a future post that’ll go into detail about our nuanced footwear recommendations for the peaks that we offer expeditions on - spoiler alert: we like the Expedition 6000M EVO RD from LOWA Boots - but in the meantime check out the footwear strategy advice that Sunny recently shared over at where she’s proud to be an ambassador.

Hope you find something useful in there!

Lessons from the Trail: A Note About Footwear Choices - By Sunny Stroeer

"Wait - you are going to wearing boots today?" I hear that question a lot. You see, I am a mountain runner and high altitude endurance specialist. In my world, according to common gospel, light is fast. Trail running shoes to the top of a 14,000ft peak? Check.